The Goldoni Theater Foundation has decided to continue the work begun four years ago with the Mascagni Educational, entrusting the project to the Mascagni Department, which, in collaboration with the schools office of the Foundation itself, is implementing every year activities aimed at the discovery and rediscovery of the "world Mascagni": the works, life, and history of a man who set trends and fashion in the times in which he lived, and who after his death became an immortal myth of world music.
Mascagni Educational is founded on the mission to engage and enthuse young audiences of primary and secondary school age, effectively acting through the school channel. The path is in fact developed over the entire year.
This year special attention is paid to the two opera titles that will be staged at the Mascagni Summer Festival: "Cavalleria Rusticana" and "Gianni Schicchi." The aim of the Mascagni Educational will be to delve into the stories of the two operas, the characters, places and historical periods. The announcement of the new edition of the Mascagni Educational, in which all schools in the city of Livorno and province will be able to participate, trusts in a renewed and direct involvement of the schools covered herein.


The project aims to bring students closer to the world of music and in particular to opera, our cultural heritage, starting from the knowledge of Pietro Mascagni and his compositions with the aim of actively involving students through a participatory path that allows them to develop their creative imagination.


Students are invited to work on the figure of Mascagni: composer, conductor, and citizen of Livorno, to whom this territory gave birth. The 'in-depth study therefore also concerns the places in Labron that he lived in his life and his music, in 360 degrees. The students' work will take place in total freedom, with respect to the figure of Mascagni, or developing the project strands proposed later.
Teachers who intend to join the project with their students may notify by filling out the following Google Form by Clicking Here no later than January 21, 2024.

The route has two phases:

- First cognitive phase in which students who, with the help of the material made available by the theater, will be able to acquire information on the topic to be developed: texts, links, films, online meetings with experts;
- Second production phase in which students will be able to develop their creativity and imagination by developing a final product to be sent to the theater.
In the first phase of the work, the Goldoni theater's training office will be available to retrieve the material and to arrange any in-person or online meetings with the experts available.
All the work produced by the schools will be published on the Goldoni Foundation website and later, if the anti Covid 19 regulations allow, visibility will be given to the material received within the Mascagni Festival 2024.


These are suggested but not binding themes so teachers and students are free to explore the Mascagni world according to their own perspectives or follow one of the following tracks:
- Mascagni and his music;
- Women in Mascagni's operas (Iris and Isabeau);
- Mascagni and Verism (Cavalleria and Piccolo Marat);
- Mascagni's places (Silvano);
- Mascagni and his contemporaries (Puccini, Verga, Fattori);
- Mascagni and the Gothic tale (Guglielmo Ratcliff);
- Mascagni's dandy style;
- A simple love story (Pinotta, Mascagni Academy opera 2022).


Participation can take place in classes, groups or individual students. The material produced by the students can be of various kinds: writings, scripts, drawings, comics, photos, sketches of scenes, films, musical compositions, mise en espace. Each material sent in must indicate the school and the class to which it belongs, the reference teacher and the names of the students involved. Entries must be sent to the following address: by 13 May.


Images should be in jpg, png, or gif format, less than 2 mb in size; videos should be submitted via YouTube or Vimeo link (i.e., uploaded by the user to one of these two channels). By link we mean the URL of the uploaded video e.g.:
Lyrics should be submitted in pdf format.
Musical compositions without video with mp3 audio files.


Primary and secondary schools.

The project is entirely free of charge.

Cav. Marco Voleri
Mascagni Department - Artistic Coordinator
Mascagni Festival - Artistic Director
Livorno City Theater Foundation "C.Goldoni"

Silvia Doretti
Workshops, Schools, Training - Head
Livorno City Theater Foundation "C.Goldoni"