Dedicating a Festival to Mascagni, an eclectic and sophisticated musician, is a cultural operation that is due to Italy and to the whole world, in the awareness that culture must be at the service of society and become an instrument of dissemination, knowledge and comparison.

Livorno deserves a Mascagni festival. For its history, for the belonging that this city must proudly boast compared to its illustrious children. Those who, like Modigliani and Mascagni - even if the list would be longer - have been carrying the salty Labbronic smell to distant places for decades.

The Mascagni 2020 Festival cannot ignore one of the most elegant and evocative places in Livorno, located on the seafront and named after the Livorno composer: the Mascagni terrace. Set between the port lighthouse and the barren cliff, the Mascagni terrace is the main place from where you intend to start with a journey made of art, culture and enhancement of a territory that deserves to be known and recognized.

Courage, passion and stubbornness. The same characteristics that Pietro Mascagni revealed in his existence.

Marco Voleri

Direttore Artistico Mascagni Festival